Past sibos: Toronto 2017

Stay on top of your knowledge with SWIFTSmart

16 October 2017
13:15 to 13:45
Main conference session SWIFTLab
Head of Services, Marketing

SWIFTSmart blows out its first candle with an impressive track-record. In just one year, SWIFT’s eLearning community reached 15,000 users, representing 5,000 financial institutions globally. New courses are being added continuously to ensure you get the latest and most accurate knowledge from the industry. The user experience has also been enhanced with new features and a personalised dashboard. Discover how you can successfully roll out the platform to your teams and how it guarantees you a qualitative and consistent training approach, throughout your organisation.

Main conference session
16 October 2017
13:00 to 13:45
Main conference session SWIFT Auditorium
Public workshop
16 October 2017
13:30 to 14:00
Public workshop Standards Forum - Exhibition