Past sibos: Toronto 2017

The SWIFT gpi roadmap – More value around the corner

17 October 2017
14:30 to 15:15
Main conference session SWIFT Auditorium
Head of SWIFT gpi transaction management services
Managing Director
Deputy General Manager,Operation Management Department
Chief Technology Manager
Head of Technical Sales and Payment Strategy
Wells Fargo

SWIFT gpi is live and innovation is kicking. Gpi has become the new benchmark in cross-border payments. Now, plans are ready to add more value and leverage the cloud-based payments Tracker. With an instant stop and recall payments service, a rich payment data transfer service and an international payments assistant, the digital transformation of cross-border payments is just around the corner. Meanwhile, gpi banks are exploring the use of distributed ledger technology (DLT) to speed up the reconciliation of their nostro accounts. In this session, gpi banks will share this exciting roadmap and highlight upcoming innovation you can expect from SWIFT gpi in the future.

Main conference session
16 October 2017
16:00 to 16:30
Main conference session SWIFTLab
17 October 2017
14:15 to 14:45
Main conference session SWIFTLab
Open theatre session
17 October 2017
14:45 to 15:15
Open theatre session Open Theatre 2