Transforming payment devices into a Merchant and Customer Engagement platform!

FINT 2017-10-18T09:00:00.000Z

FinTech Theatre
Founder and CEO
Shaun McDonald
VP Products
Pivotal Payments

Wouldn’t it be awesome if one application could help Payment Processors attract, retain and generate more revenue from their Merchant clients AND could also help merchants improve their customers’ experience - and increase loyalty and profitability? It’s not only possible, POPcodes has proven it!

Come see how POPcodes transforms the ubiquitous, trusted and most frequently used device in retail – the Payment Terminal – into a dynamic, value added services platform for Pivotal Payments to reduce costs, increase revenue, measure satisfaction and deepen merchant engagements. You’ll also learn how the QSR Taco Del Mar and their ad agency are using POPcodes’ solution to more quickly implement and closely track customer engagement in their omnichannel promotions across their diverse franchise base. It’s an opportunity to put your hands on a real-world, rapidly deployable, cost-effective and highly-scalable innovation that you won’t want to miss!