Diane Nolan

Managing Director, Capital Markets

Diane Nolan is a Managing Director for Accenture Financial Services leading Accenture's Capital Markets Management Consulting offerings, Diane is the global lead of Accenture Exchanges & Market Infrastructure Services.

Capital Markets management consulting is focused on business transformation at top financial institutions such as, corporate and investment banks, asset managers, wealth managers, exchanges and clearing as well as CSD's and custodians. She also manages and owns Accenture's suite of process and technology architecture assets- "High Performance Capital Markets".

Diane's has 20 years' experience in the Capital markets industry and has covered a broad set of client types and engagements (Operating model, Digital transformation, Fintech, business transformation programs, strategic product and service assessments) across all financial asset classes, (fixed income, equity, derivatives) and geographies.

Diane is a client account lead for multiple financial services accounts. Diane drives Accenture's business offerings and services (in core capital markets Industry such as Trading Services, Post-trade services, Wealth & Asset Management services, Exchange & Market Infrastructure Services, as well as Technology e.g. Cloud, Security, and Digital) at these institutions.

Diane is a frequent speaker at trade body conferences and industry round tables, e.g. recently on Digital Transformation, AI, Robotics, Collateral, Target2Securities, Digital Asset Management, (SIBOS, EIFR, Febefin, Swift Summits, European Parliament, CIO CIRCLE etc.). She has issued a number of publications on industry trends and challenges, as well as holds a blog, e.g. on Banking Structural Reform, Digital for market infrastructure, Unlocking the potential in Collateral as well as various T2S related publications.

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