Eric Lemieux

Chairperson/Managaing Partner

Eric Lemieux is Chairperson of Finfusion. FinFusion is a non-profit organization that helps develop, promote and support innovation in the finance and technology community (Fintech) in Montreal, in Quebec and in Canada. Acting as an open, central and independent hub for entrepreneurs, investors, businesses, governments, higher education and research centers, FinFusion aims to grow local Fintech ecosystems and connect them at the national and international levels. Eric Lemieux is also Managing Partner of Levio Consulting and M2S Capital. Eric Lemieux was Chief Executive Officer of the International Financial Centre of Montréal and Finance Montréal. His role is to help develop and raise the profile of the financial services industry in Montréal and Québec. Mr. Lemieux worked at Desjardins Group. While at Desjardins Group, Mr. Lemieux w as Senior Vice-President, Technology, Property and Casualty Insurance, previously he was Vice-President, Wealth Management, overseeing business development and the performance of a sales force and Vice-President, Personal Banking. Mr. Lemieux has an MBA from Laval University and has also completed the Harvard Business School Advanced Management Program.

Conferences of this speaker

16 October 2017