Nick Murray-Leslie


Nick Murray-Leslie is the principal of Chatsworth, a London and New York-based consultancy, and one of the world's top fintech influencers.

Nick founded Chatsworth over a decade ago to focus exclusively on providing connectivity, PR and marketing solutions to the financial technology sector and the firm has
grown to represent a range of clients, from critical financial infrastructures, technology vendors and tech start-ups providing services to wholesale, capital markets.

From its headquarters in London and New York, the Chatsworth team advises and supports clients in all aspects of their strategic and tactical communications, giving leaders informed advice, helping them to manage the communications challenges which affect their reputation, ability to operate or valuation.

The team advises and supports systemically critical market utilities, established companies and start-ups, and has steered a number of businesses to growth and subsequent sale

Prior to founding Chatsworth, Nick was media relations director at Barclays and Huntsworth.

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