The 4th Industrial Revolution & Geopolitics: Are advances in technology worsening geopolitics or are rising geopolitical hostilities raising barriers in technology?

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Conference Room 5
Alison Tudor-Ackroyd
Managing Editor
FinanceAsia and Corporate Treasurer
Norm Judah
Enterprise CTO
Josh Kallmer
Executive Vice President, Policy
Information Technology Industry Council
Rob Sloan
Cybersecurity Research Director, Wall Street Journal Pro
Dow Jones

Technology can overcome barriers and borders, providing vast economies of scale and seamless connectivity, but increasing number of barriers are emerging by jurisdictions variously trying to establish domestic norms over remotely provided services and/or to defend or improve their industrial and economic positions. Where does this end?
Will barriers proliferate? Where will we see them? What effects will this have on technology-dependent industries, such as the financial industry? What effects will this have on the evolution of emergent technologies such as AI, and their deployment in the FS sector?