Actionable information direct to the user - The future of space technology

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Russell Boyce
Director, UNSW Canberra Space
UNSW Canberra Space

The future of space is not just about incremental advances in the technologies that enable satellite communications, Earth observations and position, navigation and timing, and incremental advances in the science that enables us to operate technology in the space environment. Space is being disrupted by the miniaturisation of electronics and satellite systems, by the rapid advances in the possibilities for on-board computing and processing, by our ability to fly constellations of small networked spacecraft that are agile, adaptable and resilient. Space is being disrupted by rapidly dropping launch costs. The future of space embodies these disruptions, but of far more significance, the future of space will be the combination of those disruptions with game-changers from other sectors – in particular, autonomous systems, artificial intelligence, and quantum technologies. In particular, by combining space technologies with on-board machine learning / artificial intelligence, the near future will see explosive growth of the space-enabled information age, in which real time actionable information is delivered direct to the user from and via space in real time.