The China challenge - Best practices for one of the world’s fastest growing markets

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Lisa O'Connor
Head of Standards, Asia Pacific
Calvin Tai
Joint Chief Operating Officer
Xiaoyan Huang
Head of Global Custody Services
Agricultural Bank of China
Vivian C Y  Wang
Head of Sales, Financial Institutions Group, Global Liquidity and Cash Management
Yanheng  Wang
Deputy Head of Clearing Division, Clearing Center, Operations Management Department
Industrial and Commercial Bank of China

China’s current and capital accounts liberalisation began about a decade ago. Now it is one of the fastest growing markets for Trade and Investments with high interest from global companies, asset manager and asset holders. With this internationalisation there have been a wealth of opportunities and also challenges associated with growing Transaction Banking Operations for processing these cross border transactions at scale. This comes down to the nuances of on onshore and an offshore currency identifier, non-Latin characters in payment processing / screening and other considerations on how to reflect the regulatory intricacies in the Standards. Join us for this session where our experts will share the market practices and how they have evolved to allow Operations to scale for these changes.