Cracking personalisation for digital banking

DL4_DS 2018-10-24T14:15:00.000Z

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Olivier Berthier
CEO & Co-Founder

At the convergence of data analytics and user experience, the personalisation of financial services is a key challenge faced by banks looking to deliver superior digital services to their customers.

Applied to digital banking services, data-driven personalisation offers unique opportunities to respond to customers’ ever increasing digital expectations. But delivering value-add personal or business financial management (PFM/BFM) insights with budgets, savings goals, predictive forecasts or contextual offers while increasing loyalty and satisfaction requires a meticulous integration of the data analytics workflow, from data discovery to deployment and the crucially important but all too often neglected feedback loop.

The presentation will provide practical examples and a candid look at what works (and doesn't) when using data with AI to create timely and engaging recommendations, actionable insights and personalised nudges at scale to help customers improve their finances and banks increase digital engagement.