Cross-border payments over a virtual centralised ledger – Future or utopia?

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Conference Room 2
Barbara  Casu Lukac
Professor of Banking and Finance
Cass Business School, City, University of London
Ashish  Sharma
head of Strategic Payment Solutions for Wells Fargo’s Financial Institutions Group
Wells Fargo
Peter Maddison
Transaction Banking Solutions
Commonwealth Bank of Australia
Niall Cameron
Global Head of Corporate and Institutional Digital
Sulabh Agarwal
Managing Director, Financial Services

Whilst the traditional multi-bank correspondent banking model underpins global commerce today, it may not stand the test of time. Substitute models, the most evident being distributed ledger, continue to be explored but other alternatives are also attracting interest. One of these could be a centralised cloud-based model whereby banks can leverage APIs and a central cloud utility to update and track a cross-border transaction throughout its complete lifecycle. In this session we debate the merits of all the alternatives, explore how such a centralised system could run and which technology could be applied or even created to unlock its full potential.