Past sibos: Sydney 2018

Customer Security Programme – Current progress and future roadmap

22 October 2018
16:15 to 17:00
SWIFT conference SWIFT Hub L2 SWIFT Hub 1
Managing Director, Customer Security Programme
Chief Information Officer, BNY Mellon Treasury Services
BNY Mellon
Chief Information Security Officer
ASX - Australian Securities Exchange

SWIFT’s Customer Security Programme (CSP) aims to reinforce the security of the global banking system by helping customers reinforce the security of their SWIFT-related infrastructure against cyber-attacks.
Considerable progress has been made since its launch in May 2016, but much work remains. This session outlines past milestones and describes the CSP roadmap, including change management of the formal controls, attestation of compliance via the KYC-SA tool, regulatory reporting, counterparty consultation of attested data, SWIFT ISAC portal, STIX/TAXII feeds, third party access, DVR, inflight Payments Control Service and Release R7.3

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22 October 2018
16:00 to 16:30
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22 October 2018
16:15 to 17:00
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