Exchange Services: Innovation Meets Tradition – Crypto, or Kryptonite?

CL3_CR4 2018-10-23T14:00:00.000Z

Conference Room 4
Thomas Zeeb
Head Securities & Exchanges, Member of the Executive Board
Richard Schwartz
Global Custodian
Kelly Mathieson
Head of Financial Products
Digital Asset
Alex Batlin

Crypto currencies and other tokenized assets are considered to be the asset class of the future. Unfortunately, the current environment makes it very difficult – if not impossible – for institutional and other professional investors to trade them. The expectation is that an entity should be responsible for the processing of transactions which makes sure that investors’ needs are properly considered. In addition, KYC and AML processes in the trading of crypto currencies are not yet seen as sufficiently robust for serious institutional engagement.
In this community session, we discuss with industry leaders which preconditions should exist to trade crypto currencies, and how the environment should look like to make trading of crypto currencies
attractive and comparable with the existing equity trading.