Past sibos: Sydney 2018

Financial Crime Compliance in securities

22 October 2018
13:00 to 13:45
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Member of the Executive Board
Head Global Relationship & Network Management, Member of the Management Committee, Securities & Exchanges
Deputy Head of Investor Services
Chief Compliance Officer
Deutsche Börse AG
Vice Chairman - Securities Services
Standard Chartered

Over the past 10 years, financial crime compliance (FCC) has risen to the top of the agenda for regulators and financial institutions alike. Among asset managers, broker-dealers, custodians and central depositories there is a growing awareness of the distinctive risks faced in securities markets.
Securities firms are thinking about how best to invest in order to meet their regulatory expectations in terms of AML, KYC and sanctions. However, developing effective FCC programs in securities markets requires more than just emulating the banking model. At the same time, the development of due diligence, disclosure, compliance monitoring and screening practices in the securities sector could lead to significant operational costs and frictions if not accompanied by appropriate harmonisation and cross-industry standards.

Join ISSA and SWIFT in this session to understand how securities firms are responding to financial crime compliance challenges and understand what this could mean for your institution in term of implementation of best practices.

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22 October 2018
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22 October 2018
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