Financial crime, financial terrorism and financial innovation, the unknown - When all else fails!

DL4_DS 2018-10-23T09:30:00.000Z

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Sebastian Kuntz
Business Development
Belleron BV
Ruedi Becker
Head of BAIF
Swiss National Bank

The Swiss National Bank will present how they made use of the Belleron expertise to define their defense against Financial crime.

Belleron deploys its expertise through its SECURE® method. We fill gaps in customers’ knowledge and lack of implementation expertise in the area of information security. The Belleron consulting team, ensures that its customers benefit from the availability of highly trained experts.

In order to provide solutions for financial crime, financial terrorism and financial innovation, Belleron has built CAPTURE®.

CAPTURE® adds a new dimension to risk management and security fighting APT and will future-proof our customers against Open Innovation Threats (OIT).

The CAPTURE® Platform is an unprecedented executive-decision support and response system. The system is used in War Rooms and Boardrooms as the last line of defense when all else fails. It provides trend intelligence about previously unknown, real-time massive attacks that operate beyond traditional system silos, peer groups, and accounts.

The dashboard provides insights for executives, allowing them to pinpoint the exact impact of an attack without having to close the entire bank – instead, they can close only parts that are affected, before the attack becomes serious.