Financial Industry vs Cybercrime: Insights into Russian-speaking Darkweb

CL3_CR3 2018-10-23T12:30:00.000Z

Conference Room 3
Dmitry Samartsev
Chief Executive Officer

While the importance of cybersecurity is finally indubitable, the actions taken to bring the security of financial industry to a new level are not coordinated between major players and across countries. The success of Sberbank Group in fighting cybercrime in 20+ countries of operation is assured by extensive threat intelligence sharing program and innovative approach to Fraud prevention. Being the largest financial institution in Russia and Eastern Europe, Sberbank Group remains the prime target for Russian-speaking cybercriminals. In 2017 the Group was able to ward off 100% of attacks, thanks to high qualifications of cybersecurity team and unique insights into relevant segment of Darkweb. The bank and its subsidiary company BI.ZONE are keen to share their experience and best practices with any other company that faces similar cyberthreats. During the session the speakers will go through examples of real investigations, share real figures that highlight the effectiveness of Threat Intelligence exchange program.

International cooperation should be built on three main principles - it must be developed and driven by businesses, supported by government and law enforcement agencies and beneficial to all players. This model proved to be successful in Russia and can be implemented on a global scale. During the session the participants will talk about what exactly they are ready to do to start international cooperation and look at examples of successful collaboration that they already had.