Sydney 2018

The Future of Money

24 October 2018
09:45 to 10:45
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Co-Founder and Managing Partner
APIS Partners
Chief Innovation Officer
Senior Director
Ant Financial Service Group

For the past 7 years, the Future of Money (FoM) has proven to be the “crystal ball” - identifying major disruptive trends that are likely to affect the financial services landscape.

For this years’ flagship Future of Money session, we will explore how data, computing power and AI will bring about a revolution in hyper-personalisation and enable the promise of contextual banking.

People don’t buy mortgages, they buy homes; they don’t take out car loans, they buy a car. This is what we mean by contextual banking – it’s about putting the right product or service in front of customers at the right time, and embedding it within the end product itself.

Technology companies such as Amazon to Alibaba are looking closely at this space, offering financial services products as part of their end product offering and bundling them into their ecosystem. Contextual banking offers a way for the industry to re-bundle financial services for their customers’ benefit, help retain customer loyalty and ultimately trust.

24 October 2018
09:45 to 10:45
Community Conference L3 Conference Room 6