The future of work

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Conference Room 5
Greta Thomas
Full Potential Labs
Andrew  Woolf
Managing Director, Global Financial Services Talent and Organisation Lead
William  Borden
Head of GTS Strategy, Advisory and Strategic Solutions Delivery in Global Transaction Services
Bank of America Merrill Lynch
Sophia Wikander
Head of Mobile Payments, e-Commerce and Co-Innovation
Samantha  Turner
Group Head of Inclusion & Diversity
Duena Blomstrom
Author, Co-Founder
Emotional Banking and PeopleNotTech
Katie King
Provoke Media

In today’s environment the dynamics in the workforce are changing dramatically. Not only are business needs evolving rapidly requiring a change from traditional business models, technology changes are influencing the nature of jobs and our approach to work. It is also becoming more widely recognised that diversity and inclusion needs to be a HR priority to promote diversity in thought and evolve organisational culture. Hear from experts on how the evolution of technology, the evolution of the payments industry and all cultural and Human Resources changes will force traditional organisations to rapidly evolve if they want to remain relevant in the changing landscape. Join this session to learn what your organisation can do to pivot in the right direction and become future proof.