How a Fintech company plans to use digital fiat to bring financial services to the unbanked

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Laurence Cooke
Founder & CEO
nanopay Corporation
Nilesh Dusane
Chief Revenue Officer
nanopay Corporation
Simon Keogh
Head of Product and Marketing

nanopay is a fintech company that provides a real-time payments platform to enable banks, payment service providers and businesses to modernize payment systems and deliver instantaneous and secure global payments. nanopay's platform was built for payment innovation with solutions for cross-border and B2B payments, digital cash and settlement in capital markets.
nanopay’s patented technology uses a centralized transaction processing model. Centralization enables faster and cheaper payments, while state-of-the-art cryptography ensures the highest level of security. The nanopay platform securely stores and moves value between users, instantly and without intermediaries. nanopay can bring financial services to those that have traditionally been under-banked or completely unbanked. With a near-zero per transaction cost, nanopay makes it more affordable for banks or financial institutions to offer their services to all individuals. Also, despite using a digital fiat currency, nanopay has offline capabilities, so a smart phone or internet access is not required to use the secure platform.