Hyperledger:Blockchain in production but what about scale, interoperability and governance?

EL1_OT1 2018-10-24T15:30:00.000Z

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Now that we have running systems powered by Hyperledger and other enterprise blockchain technologies, figuring out how to wire them together is a greater priority now more than ever. But interoperability is always a process, never a destination. As more applications move into production inside large companies, new questions have arisen about how to manage communication and conduct transactions across blockchains. We're now seeing evolution beyond the basic technology questions to more involved discussions about scale, interoperability and governance. This fireside chat will look at how we're starting to scale these systems, as well as the standards and governance to make them work.

Hyperledger Community Architect, Tracy Kuhrt will moderate this fireside chat.

David Treat, Managing Director, Accenture
Rob Palatnick, DTCC