Innotribe opening and keynote

DL4_INNO 2018-10-22T09:00:00.000Z

Brett King
Annerie  Vreugdenhil
Head of Innovation for wholesale banking
Kevin Johnson
Head of Innotribe

When SWIFT launched Innotribe in 2008, our mission was to bring innovation and collaboration to the very heart of the financial industry. A decade later, that vision has become reality; financial industry players have embraced innovation within their organisations and collaboration between incumbents and Fintechs has never been more prevalent.

To celebrate our 10 year anniversary, we began by reflecting on our roots, when Fintech was nascent technology, the words ‘platform’ and ‘ecosystem’ were more associated with nature and biology and Facebook had a ‘mere’ 100 million monthly active users. In 2018, we’ll look at which nascent technologies present today could have a transformative impact on our lives in 10-12 years, similar to the changes brought about by mobile, big data and social networks.

Join us in Sydney as we take you on a journey into the future. Hear about what Trust, Quantum Computing and Machine Intelligence might look like in the year 2030. Underpinning these tech revolutions are the principles of cyber security and data privacy – what will the implications for society be, and what will the financial landscape look like? How can we both build and secure the future state for all of society?

Starting with a look back over the last 1.8 million years of human history, Kevin Johnson, head of Innotribe, will examine patterns and pointers to help guide us on the 4 day journey into the future. Futurist, radio host, entrepreneur and Chairman of Moven, Brett King, will give his view of life in the Augmented Age, to understand what society will look like, and how we will interact with technology in the year 2030.