Instant payment infrastructures: A glimpse of the future

SL2_SH2 2018-10-24T13:15:00.000Z

Juan Giraldo
PhD Fellow, Department of Digitalisation
Copenhagen Business School

Today's payment ecosystem is being shaped with the introduction of decentralised digital currencies supported by Blockchain (DLT) as well as improvements in the current infrastructure that allow for instant payments. However, while decentralised digital currencies offer an open infrastructure, they require higher technology-based coordination which may drive centralisation. On the other end, while centralised infrastructures might be better suited to provide higher efficiencies, accessibility is more restricted, and the adoption of new technologies becomes more difficult. Then, how are these different infrastructures creating value and shaping today's payment ecosystem?

In this session, we will discuss the challenges and opportunities offered by centralised and decentralised instant payment infrastructures. We will present three cases that illustrate how the use of these different payment infrastructures facilitate the creation of value and how the adoption of instant payments can bolster the integration of products and services at lower layers of the payment ecosystem.

Join us to get a glimpse of the future.