Past sibos: Sydney 2018

ISO 20022 Real-time Payments Group (RTPG) update and panel session on RTP initiatives

25 October 2018
14:00 to 15:30
Standards Forum SWIFT Hub L2 SWIFT Hub 2
Treasury Services
General Manager, Technology & Operations
NPP Australia Limited
SVP, Product Development & Strategy
The ClearingHouse
Payment Strategy
Expert Associate Partner, Global Payment Practice
Managing Director, Head of Global Financial Business Unit and Head of Singapore Branch NTT DATA Institute of Management Consulting.Inc. Keieiken
NTT Data
SVP Transaction Banking Wholesale Product Development Group at PT
Bank Mandiri

Description – The RTPG has published usage guidelines for several ISO 20022 messages to promote the development of both domestic and cross-border RTP initiatives. Members of the RTPG Core Group and representatives from local markets will report on how these usage guidelines are being used and how they are providing value in the take-up of RTP. The RTPG will also present a panel of subject matter experts that will focus on industry initiatives which are contributing to the development of the real-time payments ecosystem, in both local and cross-border markets.

Open Theatre
25 October 2018
14:00 to 14:30
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Open Theatre
25 October 2018
14:00 to 14:30
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