Lunch & learn: Cryptocurrencies & blockchain

SL2_SH2 2018-10-24T12:15:00.000Z

Dirk Baur
Professor of Finance
University of Western Australia (Perth)
Adrian Lee
Senior Lecturer
UTS Business School, University of Technology Sydney

In our daily Lunch & Learn sessions you will hear from professionals as they provide a brief overview of topics impacting the global financial industry. Today’s topic is all about cryptocurrencies and blockchain. Lunch will be provided so you can eat while you learn.

What are cryptocurrencies and what does blockchain have to do with it? How will cryptocurrencies and the blockchain technology change the banking landscape? Join Bitcoin experts, Professor Dirk Baur and Dr Adrian Lee, as they explain what cryptocurrencies and blockchain mean for the future of finance.

Bitcoin is a blockchain-based peer-to-peer cash system that does not require a middleman, e.g. a financial intermediary. Consequently, the underlying technology - blockchain - may change and disrupt banking and finance as we know it. In addition, the decentralized and (global) distributed nature of cryptocurrencies poses a challenge to traditional (local) regulation and may open up markets.

The session will provide an introduction into the blockchain technology and major cryptocurrencies (e.g. Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple, among others) and set the basis for a more informed discussion about the benefits and costs of the use of cryptocurrencies and the blockchain technology. Specific examples will demonstrate the potential for disruption.