McKinsey’s global payments outlook

CL3_CR6 2018-10-22T12:30:00.000Z

Conference Room 6
Philip Bruno
McKinsey & Company
Marc Niederkorn
McKinsey & Company

The global payments industry generated double-digit revenue growth in 2017- the greatest increase in the 11 years that McKinsey has formally measured the market- and is poised to exceed $2 trillion in 2018. Nonetheless, significant disruptions persist just below the surface, likely to alter the dynamics between financial institutions and non-bank fintechs. This session will include highlights from McKinsey's 8th annual Global Payments Report, a comprehensive data-driven view of the worldwide payments landscape, its emerging trends and their implications for various industry players. We will also explore strategic options in the key areas of global transaction banking, cross-border payments, and digital ecosystems.