Next Gen KYB and KYC: Compliance meets automation and digitization

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Discover Stage
Anatoly Kvitnitsky
VP of Growth

In today’s increasingly digital, interconnected world, many financial institutions struggle to meet the legal demands and complexities of regulation and compliance – not to mention the expectations of corporate banking clients and customers who only use digital channels for their transactions. However, solutions for banks to improve the customer experience exist, such as faster client onboarding and increased visibility throughout the onboarding process. Labour-intensive, manual processes can be dramatically reduced through the use of automated and digitized KYB and KYC solutions during the customer due diligence process.
Trulioo’s electronic identity verification platform, GlobalGateway, enables financial institutions to instantly verify merchants, business entities and customers; screen against international watch lists; and authenticate identity documents from nearly every country in the world.
But how can traditional financial institutions embrace digital technologies at different degrees and migrate from physical to digital channels? What complexities and considerations must be taken into account?
Join us at the Discover Stage to find out how you can implement eKYB and eKYC processes to speed up client onboarding and increase visibility. We’ll show you how automation and digitization will help you improve the customer experience, while reducing cost, fraud and the risk of non-compliance.