Open Source Leadership: Leading in a tech & millennial age

SL2_SH2 2018-10-25T09:45:00.000Z

Rajeev Peshawaria
Chief Executive Officer & Executive Director
The Iclif Leadership And Governance Centre

The world’s largest taxi company owns no cars; and employs no drivers directly. The world’s largest hotel service owns no properties and employs no housekeeping or room service staff. Communication has been whatsapped, memories instagrammed, and life itself facebooked. Almost everything we knew as normal in both business and social life has changed dramatically just in the last 15 years.

We now live and work in the open source age of 24/7 connectivity where knowledge is free and abundant; everyone is empowered and everything is totally transparent. Yet, many large companies still use management and leadership practices designed in the industrial age when knowledge was at a premium and individuals had far fewer livelihood choices. It’s time to challenge the holy grails and debunk some myths.

Based on a research study spanning 28 countries, which was published in the book Open Source Leadership by McGraw-Hill in October 2017, this session will challenge conventional wisdom on many fronts. Among other issues it will argue convincingly that “positive autocracy” must replace democratic leadership; talent and innovation are abundant not scarce; early identification of high-potentials is counter-productive; and setting employees free to do as little as they want will increase productivity.

We have 100 copies of Rajeev’s book, Open Source Leadership, to give away. Rajeev will be available after his lecture to autograph copies.