Panel: The pulse of fintech investment activity around the world

CL3_CR1 2018-10-24T15:30:00.000Z

Conference Room 1
Ian Pollari
Global Co-Lead of Fintech
KPMG Australia
Niall Cameron
Global Head of Corporate and Institutional Digital
Jon Davey
Executive General Manager, Digital & Innovation
National Australia Bank
Anton  Ruddenklau
Global Co-Lead of Fintech
Terence Singh
Key Account Manager

2018 has been another incredible year so far for fintech – overall investment across VC, PE and M&A deals at mid-year were already well above last year’s total investment results, and there’s no indication this trend is slowing down. In our panel session, we will bring together a global group of fintech industry experts to explore investment trends from a regional and thematic perspective. Together, we will address questions like:

— How is the fintech market maturing and diversifying?
— Why is Asia becoming a standout region in terms of fintech investment?
— What is driving the increasing focus on regtech?
— How is open banking propelling fintech activity globally?
— What do we predict for the rest of 2018 and beyond?

Attendees will also be given a sneak peek into some key data shaping KPMG’s next edition of the Pulse of Fintech.

Moderator: Ian Pollari, KPMG
Panelists: Terence Singh, Matchi; Niall Cameron, HSBC; Anton Ruddenklau, KPMG; Jon Davey, NAB