Past sibos: Sydney 2018

Re-engineering international payments for a fast, digital age

22 October 2018
14:00 to 15:00
Big Issue Debate Conference L2 Plenary Room

Big Issue Debate: Re-engineering international payments for a fast, digital age - 22 Oct 2018

Managing Editor
FinanceAsia and Corporate Treasurer
Treasury Fulfillment, Service & Operations Executive
Bank of America Merrill Lynch
Global Head of Corporate, Financials and Multinationals Banking
Senior Vice President and Global Manager, Global Money Transfer, Asia Pacific
Western Union
Senior Director, Head of Financial Institution Strategic Partnership Dept, International Business Group
Ant Financial

Stimulated by technological growth and new entrants, the world of international payments is experiencing considerable pressure for change. Transactions across borders have to be faster and simpler. Platforms to send transactions have to be more open, compliant and secure than ever. Even the market providers themselves are no longer bank dominated, with FinTechs and players from outside of the financial sector creating disruption both good and bad. In this session we debate how radically strategy must change – or not – to ensure that banks continue to lead in tomorrow’s international payments space. We will look at the challenges faced, drawing on first-hand experience of instant payments, new technologies and SWIFT’s own global payments innovation initiative, with views from the banking and corporate world.