The rise of Asia Pacific as a source of innovation

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Plenary Room
Oliver Kirby-Johnson
Partner, Advisory
Lisa Robins
Global Head of Transaction Banking
Standard Chartered
Peter Hiom
Deputy CEO
ASX - Australian Securities Exchange
Madhur Deora
Chief Financial Officer and Senior Vice President
James Ma
Vice President
JD Finance

Financial institutions in emerging markets are introducing innovative solutions faster than their peers in more developed markets. Advances in FinTech make it easier, quicker and cheaper for them to accurately assess customer behaviour, needs and risks, thereby opening the door to new business models. Asia Pacific’s booming e-commerce and vast migration of middle-classes are giving rise to new financial services products to meet demand for coverage and risk appetite – digital inclusion has now outpaced and effectively substituted financial inclusion. This panel will unearth what’s happening here in Asia Pacific, why it’s more pervasive here and decipher the impact on financial services across the next decade.