Securing the future of financial services through improved diversity

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Julia Streets
Founder & CEO
Streets Consulting Ltd
Rosemary Stone
Global Head of Human Resources
Samantha  Turner
Group Head of Inclusion & Diversity
Rachel Cooper
Professor Gender, Work and Employment Relations
The University of Sydney Business School

The financial industry is rapidly evolving. New technologies are presenting both opportunities and challenges. Customer needs are changing, with greater demand for instant payments, transparency of services and increased security. Cyber threats and regulatory requirements to comply with anti-money laundering and counter-terrorist financing rules place a significant burden on financial organisations and their customers. New entrants in the form of challenger banks and fintech start-ups compete (and co-operate) with incumbent banks to take advantage of new technologies, and provide greater service to customers.

As the financial industry evolves so too must its workforce in order to ensure financial organisations remain relevant in the future. The question is, how? The answer (we assume) is greater diversity. The question is how do we get there? Numerous studies highlight the benefits of diversity to an organisation, not least of which is commercial performance. The bottom line is that companies with greater diversity have a better bottom line. Financial services, however, continues to fall short in terms of diversity, especially at increasing levels in an organisations’ hierarchy.

This session will discuss the commercial and competitive value that diversity and inclusion can offer financial organisations as they seek to gain an edge. Our panel of esteemed industry and diversity experts will explore areas where we have witnessed positive change, shine a light on aspects requiring further focus and offer ideas to help drive and accelerate progress. You will have an opportunity to share your thoughts and ask questions during the Q&A. This session will also be recorded as part of the DiverCity Podcast series, and broadcast post-Sibos.