Securing the future state

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Jane Frankland
Managing Director
Cyber Security Capital
Duena Blomstrom
Author, Co-Founder
Emotional Banking and PeopleNotTech

Over the next 12 years, the amount of data that we are all going to produce and share is going to increase exponentially. This means the security infrastructure that safeguards this data will come under increasing stress, facing a growing number of attacks lead by cyber-criminals eager to find any weak point. People have historically been the weakest link in any organisation. This has led to a rise in the number of targeted attacks seen in the wild. With this session we invite you to take a step back and understand that cyber-security isn’t an individual, corporate, or even industry problem, but one that needs tackling at global scale, across multiple industries.

Join best-selling author, and 20 year cyber security veteran Jane Frankland to understand how cross-industry collaboration, and embracing diversity are the keys to building strong, secure and stable connected platforms, able to run both today’s and tomorrow’s services.