Service matters – How can banks better serve corporates on the seller side?

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Conference Room 4
Paul Travers
Director - Treasury Services
Benoit Desserre
Head of Global Transaction Banking
Société Générale
Christian Mnich
Senior Director Solution Management, Treasury
Dane Birdseye
Group Treasury Manager
Tom Durkin
Managing Director, Digital Channels
Bank of America Merrill Lynch

Corporations – large or small – rely on the smooth running of their cross-border payments as a key enabler for their international business. However most of today’s new services such as improved tracking of payments and payer credit confirmation, has meant that the buyer has reaped most of the benefits. Join us as we discuss how to rebalance the value-add to the corporate seller. This session will explore the corporate supplier needs in cross-border payments and how banks and vendors can respond to this demand, helping to optimise cross-border payment collections, enhance liquidity management and bring payment certainty in the supply chain.