Sibos Quiz - A Question of finance

SL2_SH2 2018-10-24T16:30:00.000Z

Julia Streets
Founder & CEO
Streets Consulting Ltd
Juan Giraldo
PhD Fellow, Department of Digitalisation
Copenhagen Business School
Barbara  Casu Lukac
Professor of Banking and Finance
Cass Business School, City, University of London
David Scorzelli
Director, Transaction Banking Solutions (Banks) - Institutional Banking & Markets
Commonwealth Bank of Australia
Frank Keller
Principal, Innovation
Payments Canada
Michael Knorr
Head of Payments and Liquidity Risk
Wells Fargo
Wakako Koike
Head of International Affairs
Japanese Bank’s Payment Clearing Network (Zengin-net)

The fourth annual Sibos Quiz comes to Sydney! This fun and exciting quiz style game show is once again brought to you by the SWIFT Institute. Quiz master Julia Streets, Founder & CEO of Streets Consulting Ltd., dons her sparkly jacket yet again to test the wits of financial industry professionals and university academics. The Sibos Quiz features two teams of experts answering questions on their areas of financial expertise, in addition to areas in which they may be less knowledgeable. Each team is led by a captain of academia, with two supporting participants from the financial industry, resulting in a must-see, informative and highly competitive event. Who will take home the coveted SWIFT Institute's Sibos Quiz trophy? Come and cheer on your favourite team to find out. Drinks will be served throughout this session.