Past sibos: Sydney 2018

Stay ahead of the curve with gpi Observer Analytics

23 October 2018
13:45 to 14:15
SWIFT Lab SWIFT Hub L2 SWIFT Hub Theatre
Head of Business Intelligence solutions
Product Marketing Manager, Business Intelligence solutions
Manager of Telecommunication Management, Clearing Department
Bank of China

As a gpi-member bank it is paramount for you to stay on top of your business development strategy and to gain that competitive edge. Beyond the business insights currently offered by gpi Observer Insights, discover how gpi Observer Analytics can help your business. Be among the first to hear about the newly launched offering, built upon our world-class secured Business Intelligence Watch platform. With gpi Observer Analytics, you will ultimately have all the payments routing intelligence and data to hand to see where to optimise or adapt your existing payment routings, leading to lower costs and faster payments. By having increased adherence to the gpi rulebook, you will also gain speed benchmarking capabilities and be able to act upon fact-based information to steer your institution’s Correspondent Banking strategy through improved market and competitive analysis.