Past sibos: Sydney 2018

SWIFT gpi - An implementation model for every bank

23 October 2018
10:00 to 10:45
SWIFT conference SWIFT Hub L2 SWIFT Hub 1
Director, SWIFT Business Management
Commonwealth Bank of Australia
Head of Messaging product management, Core Platforms

gpi’s aim is to ensure corporates experience fast, transparent and traceable cross-border payments across all their trading corridors and currencies – a ‘new norm’ responding to the expectations of corporates operating in an increasingly digitally interconnected world. Whilst gpi has witnessed fast bank adoption, universal roll-out of gpi across all SWIFT members is essential to deliver on the true end-to-end gpi journey across all countries and corridors.
In this session, we will provide the opportunity for banks of all sizes to discover innovative and cost-effective solutions for gpi implementation. A must-attend opportunity for any SWIFT member bank not yet on gpi.

Standards Forum
23 October 2018
10:00 to 10:45
Standards Forum SWIFT Hub L2 SWIFT Hub 3
Open Theatre
23 October 2018
10:00 to 10:30
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