Past sibos: Sydney 2018

SWIFT gpi - Maximising its value through APIs

24 October 2018
15:30 to 16:15
SWIFT conference SWIFT Hub L2 SWIFT Hub 1
Head of Market Infrastructure & Industry Initiatives, Cash Management
Deutsche Bank
Deputy General Manager, Operation Management Department
Industrial and Commercial Bank of China
Divisional Executive, Global Business, Transactional Services
Head of Messaging product management, Core Platforms

The Tracker – as a core feature of gpi – is a SWIFT hosted database offering gpi banks a real-time view on the progress and status of all their cross-border gpi payments while these are transacting across the correspondent banking chain. While the majority of gpi-enabled banks rely today on SWIFT messages to consult and update their payments’ statuses on the Tracker, we see more and more banks using APIs to access the Tracker. APIs offer faster and flexible ways to integrate tracking views and details in bank back-office systems, customer channels and solutions for direct integration in end-customer systems. In this session, a series of gpi-active banks will elaborate on their API strategy, drivers, implementation and future plans with respect to gpi APIs.

Open Theatre
24 October 2018
15:30 to 16:00
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24 October 2018
15:30 to 16:30
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