Unveiling cross-border payment requirements on the seller side

CL3_CR4 2018-10-25T09:45:00.000Z

Conference Room 4
David Blair
Managing Director
Acarate Consulting, Singapore
Martin Schlageter
Head of Treasury Operations
Javier Orejas
Head of Banking, EMEA and Americas
John Muskus
Senior Director
General Electric

With more and more banks embedding gpi ‘track & trace’ capabilities in their banking portals, the transformation of cross-border payments has already brought significant benefits to corporate treasury operations on the buyer side. Yet this leaves corporates on the supplier side watching these gpi developments with envy as they continue to struggle with cross-border payment challenges in reconciliation, international collections and liquidity management. So what exactly are the needs of corporate sellers? And how can we leverage the gpi platform and tracker to respond to them? In this workshop five multi-national corporations will share their wish-list to transform international payments for the benefit of sellers.