Using AI to shift large organisation's culture towards data literacy

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Dr Chelsea Wise
Head of Forward Deployed Data Science
Hyper Anna

Combining AI with Data Analytics is opening new opportunities for large organisations to develop their employee’s ability to read, understand and ultimately make better decisions with data.
Building up Data Analytics capability has been a major priority for most large organisations within the last decade.
As organisations become more data mature, they become more and more aware of the need to transform their company culture to truly leverage the potential of data-driven insights.
In order to make relevant and timely data-driven decisions, employees need to be able to understand and interpret data themselves, without being dependent on their analytics team to generate those insights for them.

Hyper Anna is enabling organisations to shorten time to value in their analytics value chain. Hyper Anna software is built with natural language processing and artificial intelligence capabilities, offering non-technical employees a self-serve analytics platform to access automatically generated insights. With Hyper Anna, employees can directly ask questions about their business problematics, and access intelligible insights in a matter of seconds.

This is an invaluable opportunity for organisations to accompany their organisation's transformation into a data-driven culture.