Who is regulation for in securities markets? After all that investment, who has benefited the most?

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Graham  Ray
Global Head of Sales & Relationship Management for Financial Intermediaries
BNP Paribas Securities Services
Justin Chapman
Head of Market Advocacy and Innovation Research
The Northern Trust Co.
Chris Brycki
Founder & CEO
Robert  Palatnick
Managing Director and Chief Technology Architect
Robert  Palatnick
Managing Director and Chief Technology Architect
Oliver Harvey
Senior Executive Leader, Market Integrity Group
Australian Securities and Investments Commission

A lot has been achieved since the financial crisis in the area of banking regulation and supervision. A key driver for regulators has been to improve investor protection through reinforcing risk management policies, enhancing transparency, increasing the general level of safety for assets owned by end-investors, and supporting market growth. Whilst regulatory compliance uses up capital and human resources, consumes IT budgets and puts pressure on margins, it allows financial institutions to review their existing business models in line with existing market practices to better serve their customers. Handling the complexity of the new regulatory framework creates dynamics and fosters the innovation process in a sustainable way.
At the end, who is benefiting the most all along that regulatory journey?