Will Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT) be the technology post-trade providers will have to focus on, and how will the needed infrastructure(s) look like?

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Conference Room 6
Thomas Zeeb
Head Securities & Exchanges, Member of the Executive Board
Robert  Palatnick
Managing Director and Chief Technology Architect
Kelly Mathieson
Head of Financial Products
Digital Asset
Justin Chapman
Head of Market Advocacy and Innovation Research
The Northern Trust Co.
Urs Staehli
Board Member / CEO / CFO
International Securities Services Association

Crypto-assets seem to be on a trajectory to establish themselves as a new asset class. Do global custodians and financial market infrastructures have to deal with the underlying technology? How could the future ecosystem for handling crypto assets on a distributed ledger system look like? Should the established infrastructure providers in today’s post-trade area (CSDs, Global Custodians etc.) be involved in this new market or is it a hype that will go away?