Past sibos: Sydney 2018

Will Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT) be the technology post-trade providers will have to focus on, and how will the needed infrastructure(s) look like?

24 October 2018
14:00 to 15:00
Community Conference L3 Conference Room 6
Head Securities & Exchanges, Member of the Executive Board
Managing Director and Chief Technology Architect
Head of Financial Products
Digital Asset
Head of Market Advocacy and Innovation Research
The Northern Trust Co.
Board Member / CEO / CFO
International Securities Services Association

Crypto-assets seem to be on a trajectory to establish themselves as a new asset class. Do global custodians and financial market infrastructures have to deal with the underlying technology? How could the future ecosystem for handling crypto assets on a distributed ledger system look like? Should the established infrastructure providers in today’s post-trade area (CSDs, Global Custodians etc.) be involved in this new market or is it a hype that will go away?

24 October 2018
14:00 to 14:55
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Open Theatre
24 October 2018
14:00 to 14:30
Open Theatre Exhibition L4 Open Theatre 2