Alezeia Brown

Alezeia Brown

Senior Product Manager

At CSIRO's Data61, Alezeia Brown works with research and engineering teams to productize cutting edge data technologies and breakthrough scientific innovations to solve some of our most challenging problems and seed industries of the future.

Alezeia has worked in product management, technology, and strategic management for almost 20 years, spanning her career across the globe. With a passion for innovation, Alezeia brings a product lens to all new business models, products and services to ensure they work for users, deliver value to customers, and drive profitable, sustainable growth.

When not sharpening her own skills Alezeia is also giving back to the community through engagement with STEM in Schools, mentoring and regular meetups.

Alezeia is a sought-after mentor, facilitator and panellist, specialising in topics of: Regtech, Fintech, product management, innovation, women and leadership, and gender parity.

When not in the office, Alezeia is either playing or coaching sport or at the beach on the Sunshine Coast.

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25 October 2018