Cyrus Bhathawalla

Cyrus Bhathawalla

Managing Director, Payments

Cyrus is a Director in KPMG's financial services and payments consulting practice, with deep experience in FI and corporate payments strategy, commercialization, and transformation - across Australia, South East Asia, USA, and Canada.

Recently in Australia, Cyrus served as the Design Lead for the KPMG AU team that centralized 17 Australian FI's in support of developing the New Payments Platform (NPP) Real-Time Payments infrastructure.

In the USA, Cyrus has focused on supporting infrastructure operators (working for both TCH and EWS), multiple banks, and corporates in understanding the opportunities and implications of real-time payments - leading and supporting technology design, implementation, revenue analysis, and product ideation / development efforts.

In Canada, Cyrus has been helping a number of FIs establish their Payments Modernization programs and has also helped them understand the implications of, and how to influence the future of, the industry's modernization roadmap. He is currently the Design Lead for one of the major FI's overall program.

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24 October 2018