Jelena Ewart

Jelena Ewart


Jelena Ewart is a Co-founder and Partner at Upside Partners. She supports corporate innovation teams and owners of core business lines in accelerating cultural change while maintaining operational excellence in the challenging, high-failure-rate field of innovation. Jelena is also an early-stage investor in Fintech startups at 500 Startups, the world's most active Fintech investor. She serves on the Board of Directors of San Francisco Federal Credit Union and on the Advisory Board of Wirecutter Money, a New York Times company.

Previously, Jelena was a General Manager and senior executive at NerdWallet, a San Francisco-based Fintech company still privately held at a valuation exceeding USD500MM. At NerdWallet, Jelena led strategy, product, and operational execution for Credit & Banking verticals through a period of hyper-growth. As an advisor to both entrepreneurs and incumbents, former investment banker, musician, and a decorated math olympian with too many architecture degrees, she brings to the table a unique perspective bridging the gap between corporate and startup worlds.

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