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Russell Boyce

Director, UNSW Canberra Space

Professor Russell Boyce holds the position of Chair for Space Engineering and Director of UNSW Canberra Space, and provided the overall leadership in the establishment and growth of UNSW Canberra Space since it began in 2014. His technical expertise includes a breadth of scientific and technological understanding, and leverages previous 25+ years in the field of hypersonics R&D. In hypersonics, he grew the hypersonics research group at UNSW Canberra, was DSTO Chair for Hypersonics at UQ from 2007-2013, and developed and led the successful Australian Space Research Program project SCRAMSPACE which included a rocket launched scramjet flight experiment from the Andoya Rocket Range in northern Norway. From 2011-2017 he was the chair of the Australian Academy of Science's National Committee for Space and Radio Science, and is the chair of the local organising committee of the largest space research conference globally, COSPAR 2020, being held in Sydney in 2020. Boyce has played a significant role in the growth of the Australian space sector, including being part of the government's Expert Review Group for the establishment of the Australian Space Agency. He is a graduate of the INSEAD Advanced Management Program (2017). Finally, Boyce is a founding director of the commercial space company Skykraft, a spin-off from UNSW.

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