The Conference

Sibos 2018 - Enabling the digital economy

As the world’s businesses and consumers migrate to the digital economy, banks and financial service providers are making their own transformational journeys, reappraising and reengineering their business models, service offerings and relationships with third parties.

Today, business executives rank asymmetric growth from platform-based business models and ecosystems as more important than mergers and acquisitions or organic growth (Accenture). Three of the top five firms based on market cap run platform-based businesses, and 14 of the 20 largest US non-tech firms have a digital dimension to business strategies (The Economist).

Many banks are already putting together strategies that reflect these shifts. They are developing new partnerships with clients and fellow service providers as they leverage new technologies – big data, AI, cloud, mobile and blockchain – to deliver new services in new ways. At the same time, the collaborative ethos of the digital economy can be seen in the way banks are leveraging industry platforms and infrastructures to meet common challenges and develop new customer propositions.

This can be seen in the rapid adoption of common utilities to meet compliance needs and develop standards-based platforms – including SWIFT’s KYC Registry and global payments innovation service. It is also driving the transformation of regional and national financial market infrastructures, with Australia for example launching an open real-time platform for payments service innovation (NPP) as well as pioneering the use of blockchain in the post-trade securities sector.

The ‘Enabling the digital economy’ theme will be represented by four sub-themes that will run through the week across the whole Sibos 2018 conference:

  • How data, AI and robotics are driving service innovation and business model renewal
  • New paradigms and technologies for information sharing to tackle financial crime
  • Tackling the widening cybersecurity challenge in the digital economy
  • Adapting to evolving geopolitical and regulatory priorities

The programme

The 2018 conference programme will continue to feed into traditional Sibos streams:


Banking – Adapting banking and payment services to a real-time, open banking / PSD2 regulatory and competitive environment by leveraging new partnerships and platforms, e.g. SWIFT’s global payments innovation service and instant payment platforms


Securities – Examining the role of blockchain and other digital technologies within the context of a new regulatory environment (MiFID II, Basel III, OTC derivatives reforms etc) that eliminates traditional silos and demands greater automation

Across the whole of the conference agenda, Sibos 2018 will reflect the reality that the banking and financial services sector is experiencing profound and far-reaching change which impacts firms and their staff at different speeds and in different ways. Sibos will provide content for all levels of understanding on the same topics to cater for the needs of delegates.

Be ready

The 2018 programme

The full 2018 programme will be available here in June.

To see the 2017 programme, check out the session information and recordings.