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AEG is the SWIFT Expertise Center in the MENA region. Its main objective is to provide institutions especially the banking sector with state of the art software solutions. Our staff includes SWIFT Certified Specialists in the subject area: SWIFTNet Infrastructure.
AEG serves over 800 banks in 50 countries. AEG has a SWIFT Certified Service Bureau. Today, AEG's Service Bureau is the largest worldwide connecting to SWIFT more than 465 Financial Institution across the Middle East, the Gulf, Africa, Asia Pacific and Europe.
The strength of AEG lies in its dedicated, trained and internationally oriented multi-lingual staff in the Sales, Marketing, Process Management and Technical Support domains.
AEG's services include Implementation and Professional Services, Migration, Consultancy, Integration, In-House Developed Technical & IT solutions, Support & Training.

Products on Show

AEG has expanded its partnership portfolio with leading international software providers and extended its products’ Portfolio by designing in-house developed applications.
Some third-party products include:
- AML/ Filtering solutions from FIRCOSOFT
- SmartFT (Fault Tolerant) Solution from Stratus Technologies
- Secure File Transfer/File Gateway/Middleware Solutions from IBM
- Disaster Recovery Application
- Datacenter Hosting Facility
- GTMatch Reconciliation solution from BottomLine Technologies
- VSAT Connectivity to SWIFT

AEG's In-house developed products are:
- Corporate Payment System
- AEG SmartClear
- Message Reporting (TRANS_REP)
- Message Duplicate Detection (AEG DDA)
- SMS & Email Notifier (AEG Notify)
- AEG Event Notifier
- Middleware integration system
- Remote Transaction Handler
- Intra-Routing system (IBRS)
- AEG Remit_Pro

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