Founded in 2004, axefinance is a global software provider focused on lending automation for financial institutions (traditional and Islamic banking, etc.) looking for an edge in productivity and customer service for any and all client segments: retail, corporate, SMEs, etc.
ACP - Axe Credit Portal is axefinance’s powerful end-to-end integrated solution for credit automation available either as a locally hosted or SaaS solution.
As a trusted partner, axefinance has been chosen by respected global financial institutions: Société Générale, Al Rajhi Bank, Banque Internationale de Luxembourg, First Abu Dhabi Bank. ACP users experience improved profitability, higher productivity, and increased customer satisfaction while keeping up to date with ever changing compliance regulations and internal policies.

Products on Show

VISIT OUR BOOTH #O108 to discover ACP, our state of the art web-based solution built using the latest technologies. It's a user-friendly multi-entity credit solution including powerful tools allowing a comprehensive coverage in terms of client segments, credit products & scoring
ACP covers all lending segments: Retail, SME, Corporate etc. Powerful features are available either as a locally hosted or SaaS solution to name a few :
- KYC & Client onboarding with an omnichannel user experience
- Origination
- Approval processes & delegation authority
- Risk based-pricing
- Credit administration & documents generation
- Facility sanctionning
- Covenant management
- Limit activation
- Complex & flexible limit activation
- Pre-deal checking
- Limit monitoring
- Portfolio concentration analysis
- Collateral perfection
- LTV monitoring