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Belleron is a trusted solution pioneer of defences against financial crime and wide-ranging cyber-attacks. The company helps fight large-scale, difficult-to-detect financial fraud and deals with unknown innovation threats emerging from PSD2 and Open Banking.

We safeguard society’s confidence in financial institutions and protect people’s finances in their daily lives.

Belleron was founded in 2012 by a group of seasoned financial crime, compliance and cybersecurity entrepreneurs. We have more than 25 subject matter experts deployed in Europe, the US and the Middle East in helping financial institutions fight crime and implement proven risk management solutions.

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The traditional account-centric detection systems are not relevant for detecting financial large-scale attacks, aimed at disrupting the financial system. The current systems out there are always limited by operational teams; but more importantly, they’re biased because they’re designed with previous attacks and modus operandi in mind.

CAPTURE® senses and monitors millions of transactions, variables and trends in real-time, providing analyses of how they interact and correlate. It's powered by machine learning models we developed in the field. The models oversee the bank’s complete network from a top-down perspective and provide real-time insights when an attack occurs. The systems also create insight into the open innovation threats (OIT) that will occur when implementing new innovative 3rd party solutions.

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