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COPP CLARK LIMITED is the authoritative source for holiday reference data relating to global financial markets.

In today’s fast-paced markets, reliable and accurate holiday data is an essential component of any financial system. COPP CLARK’s products and services enhance transactional integrity by ensuring accurate value dates and trading schedules.

COPP CLARK’s data is compiled entirely by our research group from primary sources only. It is meticulously researched and never derived from third-party services. The result is a degree of accuracy and service that is second to none.

COPP CLARK’s market holidays, trading hours and early closings data are trusted and recognized globally as the market standards. Data subscriptions include exceptional customer service and email alerts when changes occur. Our clients include some of the largest organizations in the world.

Founded in 1841, COPP CLARK is a division of Pearson Canada Inc.

Products on Show

HOLIDAY DATA SERVICE for financial applications provides market standard holiday reference data. It ensures the accuracy of system calendars & significantly reduces operational risk in payments, trading & settlement. Data is rigorously researched & verified from source.

TRADING HOURS REPORT provides detailed schedules of trading hours by market & instrument group plus comprehensive info on early closings, after-hours trading, scheduled maintenance, closing on last day of trading for derivatives, time zones including start & end of daylight saving time.

GOODBUSINESS DAY FINDER is the industry-endorsed dealing calendar relied upon by FX traders around the world. Includes access to Copp Clark’s Trader’s Day Finder app.

TPLUS EXCHANGE SETTLEMENT CALENDAR provides valid trade dates & corresponding settlement dates for world stock exchanges.

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Copp Clark Limited - Toronto, Canada

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